LoWind Turbine AV-7 on top of a silo, CH-Marthalen ZH

Entry into service: 1 March 2002

This is probably the most unusual location for an AV-7 LoWind Turbine from Aventa AG: on top of a 35 m Landi silo in Marthalen, Switzerland. The turbine is operated by the local solar cooperative Genosol Martella (www.genosol.ch), which can now provide its customers with clean electricity from wind energy in addition to power from a solar energy system.

A special static structure made it possible to safely mount the 1'500 kg mast and the 1'100 kg nacelle (including blades) on the building.

The annual average wind speed at hub height (50 m above the ground) is 3.2 m/s, which entails a power yield of 13'000 kWh per annum.