LoWind Concept

The Aventa LoWind concept responds to two demands: 

  • Utilisation even of light and variable winds.
  • Maximum protection of the landscape appearance.

 This is achieved by a number of carefully matched measures:

  • Tower height of 18 to 22 meters   ->     Installation size that blends with urban and rural landscapes in Switzerland as well as in many other landlocked regions
  • 80 % larger rotor surface area than typical wind installations   ->      High wind yield
  • Variable rotational speed   ->     Optimal utilization even of variable winds
  • Active wind tracking   ->      Starting even with very light winds
  • Active responses to wind   ->      Fast responses to changes in wind direction
  • Permanently excited synchronous generator   ->      No extraneous excitation, therefore high efficiency
  • Belt drive   ->      Quiet and efficient
  • Rated power matched to the prevailing winds of land-locked sites   ->      Easy and inexpensive supply to the power grid even with weak grids in peripheral regions
  • Easy maintenance   ->      Low operating costs


LoWind Turbines produce more power

Thanks to systematic specification and design, Aventa LoWind Turbines exploit light winds with up to four times better efficiency than conventional installations with a comparable procurement cost. Aventa LoWind Turbines have been optimized for sites with average annual wind speeds of up to 4.5 meters per second (m/s). Stronger winds are rare at landlocked sites.