The AV-7 LoWind Turbine

The AV-7 LoWind Turbine was developed by Aventa Ltd. with funding by electric power companies, the Swiss Confederation and Cantons. Quantity-production of the AV-7 started in the spring of 2002.

Ideal sites for wind energy exploitation are those with average annual wind speeds of 3.0 to 4.5 m/s. In Switzerland, such sites are frequently found in the Jura mountains and Alpine foothills, in eastern Switzerland and the Valais, in the Rhône and Rhine Valleys, on the Central Plateau and in the Ticino.

Favourable sites include those, for example, that winds from the west and north can reach unobstructed -

  •   next to farmhouses
  •   near mountain restaurants
  •   along motorways and railway lines
  •   as sculptures or advertising vehicles in industrial estates or shopping centres
  •   as "business cards" of companies
  •   as an attraction in holiday resorts
  •   at places of popular resort for hikers

In most cases, wind measurements are required to acquire data at a planned site. They must be taken during at least three months using an automatic recording instrument. We would be pleased to assist you..